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be.  see. know.
...the root of this three-word mantra
describes an ancient yoga sutra,
the experience of direct perception known as prat-yak-sha... sage Patanjali's Yoga Sutras  I:7
pratyaksha (praht-yahk-sha) is described as one of three doorways through which we obtain valid knowledge in life, knowledge meaning truth vs. illusion.  The other two, according to this sutra, are inference (anumana) and scriptural testimony (agama)...'s a few perception-changing moments that may echo
with pratyaksha moments you've known...

Falling truly in love...
Understanding something of India's  1.5 billion population by being swept up in a sea of 10,000 people at a train station in New Delhi...
The Yoga of  living  24/7 with an ailing elderly parent...
Despite a commitment to the practice of "ahimsa", discovering a seed of primitive violence, when tested hard enough, residing deep within ...
A Soul, with its multiple facets, may not leave its body immediately upon being pronounced dead...
A prosthetic leg can double as bed-pillow on a gritty urban street...
Tiny crabs on an Arabian Sea sandbar roll their microscopic progeny into tiny balls & push them to the surface, to await the next high tide's
distribution of the new generation ...
Seagulls eat autumn cranberries...whole...!

Prat-yak-sha is not sparked by
some moment of enlightened attainment or scholarly rigor,
but often in the simple, quiet moments & awareness of being.
Traffic outside Angkor Wat, Siem Riep, Cambodia 2007

A "pratyaksha moment" changes everything that came before it, bypassing the thinking mind.  InTaoist terms, this flow, this connection to the "now" of life is referred to as
"the watercourse way", where the ever present polarities of yin & yang meet .

And, like scientific theories make way for new data to update or void altogether preceding discoveries to explain "our world", pristine moments of pratyaksha can be like that, catapaulting us into ever unfolding evolution in both our solitary independence or connected interbeingness.  Sometimes these moments come in a flash of recognition, while at other times it is in the slowing down, in being still, where there is room to see things just as they are. 

In that place of utter objectivity, we see exactly what we see, and we experience ourselves seeing without interference from the judging mind.  We are not responding to what we see, but rather  in unguardedness, we flow.  We become conduits for our humanness, and the truth of both our strengths and vulnerabilities -- where opportunities abound to meet our inner essence within this current time/space reality.

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Golden Buddha Meditates, Vang Vieng, Laos 2006