Be. See. Know.

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Liza's passion for YIN Yoga came about as a result of a 7-year Far East cultural immersion from 2001-2007 drawing upon the ancient 2500+ year old Yoga and Thai Yoga teachings she studied at the source, and her teaching has been dedicated to the art of deceleration since 2008. She has studied with masters Paul & Suzee Grilley, Bernie Clark & Diana Batts, Sarah & Ty Powers and
Josh Summers.

Liza's e-Book now available...

Liza Dousson offers a concise, introductory overview of YIN Yoga -- a unique and relatively new offering amongst the various Yoga choices available today. The eBook conveys the spirit of YIN Yoga's unique approach in it roots, language and pacing that serve to open, calm and decelerate body & mind from the demands of the 21st century Digital Age.  It is both primer for current YIN Yoga practitioners and those teaching YIN Yoga, while providing insight and guided practice for potential students who have not yet explored this methodology but are curious to learn more as it gains in popularity around the world.

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