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...with Liza Dousson at Ravenswing Yoga, Branford, CT

The pendulum of Yoga’s diverse offerings in the West seems to be swinging of late to more regularly include the slower, introspective breeds of Yoga & mindfulness practices.  Yet we modern beings are so often drawn down the YANG path of action in these 24/7 times we’re living in -- doing and accomplishing more and more -- often overlooking key moments to slow down, drop in, and refill our own wells for greater health and well-being.

SPRING 2017 The Art of Deceleration in An Amp'd Up World March 31-April 2
& May 5-7, 2017

Topics include --

  • YIN Yoga’s Yoga Roots -- Hatha Yoga teachings of India and YIN Yoga's lineage
  • YIN Yoga’s Taoist Roots --Taoist/Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), with an introduction to the meridians & elements
  • YIN Yoga's Asana Roots -- breathwork, modifications and assists
  • Human Biology Roots -- and the relationship to YIN Yoga
  • "New Anatomy" Roots -- The anatomy of tensegrity & the fascia's relationship to YIN Yoga
  • Mindfulness/Metta Roots -- ancient wisdom traditions of meditation and their relationship to YIN Yoga

A Yoga Alliance approved 30-Hour CEU Program . . .


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Join us for this 2-part YIN Yoga training, whether you can take just one of the two programs this SPRING for 15-hours or join us for both weekends for this 30-hour training.  We'll start on Friday eve and run through Sunday afternoon for 5 teaching modules each weekend. THE March program will cover YIN's asanas, modifications breath techniques and assists while the MAY program will focus more in depth on topics to strengthen thematic choices' "flavor & color" to articulate the practice with your students.  For more details and to register CLICK HERE