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The day Liza nearly missed a plane to Europe for a business meeting the next morning because of a particularly stellar NYC Yoga class at Jivamukti, she knew it was time to surrender. She became a corporate drop-out in 2000 and began teaching Yoga classes shortly thereafter. 

Liza continued to "travel" the halls of Yoga philosophy, practice & training methods from Iyengar to Hatha, PowerYoga to Vinyasa, Bikram to Vipassana to name a few -- weaving in Thai Yoga studies -- during a 7-year in-depth cultural immersion from 2001-2007 in India and Thailand.  

Her travel immersions revived in 2010 incorporating the 
Southwest'a Four Corners, on to Maui & Kauai, HI in 2014, Chiang Mai, Thailand 
in early 2015, in India in 2016 and back to Chiang Mai in 2017 
to absorb, renew, revitalize Spirit, Heart and Techniques that keep her offerings of 
YIN Yoga, Thai Yoga & Meditation FRESH through the practice of RETREAT..

5 Tips on Returning from a Retreat
Liza Dousson

Liza deeply respects each person's unique journey & potential 

for discovery along the path.   She aspires to offer, in her  teachings & in Thai Yoga sessions, the gifts she too has found along the way:  The power of stillness; trusting introspective discovery to guide self-healing; and a healthy dose of risk to support spiritual evolution & greater freedom 


Liza is an Yoga Alliance E-RYT & YACEP teacher.  She offers classes, Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings & a variety of workshops coast-to-coast featuring a mix of YIN Yoga, Thai Yoga & Meditation offerings.  She has been with Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festivals since 2013, the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, regional studios, the 2016 Maine Yoga Fest and this summer at the 2019 Maine Yoga Fest.  She authored the YIN Yoga/Restorative section of the Wanderlust Teacher Training Manual.  
In June 2016 Liza published an eBook titled YIN Yoga:  The Art of Deceleration in an Amp'd World 
available HERE and for tablets on Kindle and iBooks as of 2018.  In October 2018 she launched her first online eCourse themed on the 8-limbs of Yoga, also called Raja Yoga titled 
From From Roots to Sky:  A Sojourn of Yoga, Pranayama & Dharana based on her appreciation for the underlying concepts of Yoga's 8-limbs of practice (sometimes called Raja Yoga). 

She has joined several annual Kula Yoga Project Teacher Trainings offered by proprietor, yogini & Wanderlust Festivals co-creator Schuyler Grant and her team of notable teachers in Old Saybrook, CT.   Liza also assists master teacher & guide Angela Farmer at the Kriplau Center in Stockbridge, MA when that auspicious opportunity appears every two-ish years. 

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With a bow to my many teachers...

 Many thanks to talented fotographer/yogi/friends 

Laura Williams Larson 

Rebekah Butler 

Mattias Lundblad 

and by LIZA from her 

travel library!